Welcome to the Almonte Judo Club's Official Web site

We are one of Almonte's longest standing recreational group, operating out of the Almonte Arena. Our club consists of young and old and is run by long-time Judo enthusiast, Gord MacDonald. The Almonte Judo Club welcomes all ages to our mats... for a great way to keep fit, have fun and compete.

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2020-21 Season set to open September 2, 2020 !!!!

This new season will be ‘different’ amidst guidelines and restrictions associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, we WILL resume operations after all businesses and sport organizations were ‘sidelined’ by the pandemic in mid March 2020.

Our Club will be required to follow strict sanitizing, cleansing, social distancing, group gathering maximum, hand washing and other protocols, but we are prepared !!

At this time we are not certain how many of our current members will return given these circumstances, so we are therefore uncertain how many new members we may be able to accept.

If you are interested in joining, please proceed as normal in contacting myself via this website, by phone (613-256-2180 ask for Gord), by email gordalmonte@hotmail.com, or see our Almonte Judo Club Facebook page, and message me.

We will make every effort to answer any questions you may have, and accommodate you/your child(ren).

Stay safe, stay healthy !!!

2019-2020 season begins !!!!!!!!!

Yes, Season #52 commenced Wednesday, Sept 4 in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Arena !!!

We have enjoyed an overwhelming response to our programs, both Junior and Senior. Our Junior Program is FULL with a wait list, whereas our Senior program continues to see new members walk onto the mats! It too is near capacity, but if you are a teen or adult – we may have an activity (and space) for you !!!

Inquiries are always welcome. Please feel free to contact Head Instructor Gord MacDonald any number of ways;

via email gordalmonte @hotmail.com

via FB Messenger Gord MacDonald

via this website AlmonteJudo.com

via our Facebook Page Almonte Judo Club

by phone 613-256-2180

I personally guarantee a quick response to any questions you may have, however simple or complex.

Here’s to another awesome season of learning, competition, and FUN !!!!!!!!

Annual Awards Night, and season wrap-up, held Wednesday April 24, 2019

Details of belt promotions, and misc pics to follow.

Long Awaited New Roll-Out Mat arrives !!!

Simply put – the old ‘rice/straw/ mats had to go !!!! These mats dated from the 1960′s and were quickly gobbled up by existing club members for their home gyms.

Meanwhile, the dojo was treated to a custom manufactured ‘tatami-like’ surface, measuring the equivalent of roughly 8 regulation tatami. The Club holds reserves for mat purchases like this one, and all current and future members will benefit greatly by the added space, low maintenance, and high quality mat surface acquired.

Exciting times as we continue to expand and modernize !!!!

Annual Bring a Friend night held during March Break, March 13, 2019

The annual ‘Bring a Friend’ night once again proved a huge success !! Club members mixed it up with more than 50 friends, creating one large crowd of people having fun with a variety of judo games and challenges.

More details and pics to follow.

Almonte Judo Club shines at Kingston RMC Judo Tournament !!!

A total of 6 ALmonte Judo Club members competed in Kingston on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Competitors were joined by several family members and friends. Sensei Gord MacDonald performed the duties of Coach for all athletes.

Junior competitors included Erwin Marshall and Tyler Dalton. Senior competitors included Matthew Church, Sylvain Ganter, Meghan Ladouceur, and Chenoa Marshall.

More details, results and pics to follow.

Public Speaking event at the dojo !!!

A ‘Public Speaking’ event was held Wednesday Feb 20, 2019 as part of the regular Junior class. The event was designed to test the ability of young judoka to speak in front of their peers and audience members. The topic of course was ‘Judo’.

Details and pics to follow.

February 9, 2019 Takahashi Ne-Waza Event

A total of 17 Almonte club members participated in the second ne-waza event of the 2018-19 season on Saturday, Feb 9, 2019.

More to follow ……

2018 Xmas Party – Treats and fun Galore !!!

The Club celebrated their annual Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. An enthusiastic crowd of nearly 130 people attended, including the majority of Club members – those not engaged in school concerts and the like.

This years theme was ‘red and green’, and club members were encouraged to be creative in choosing their wardrobe !!

Prizes were awarded to the best dressed as follows;

1st Place Connor Edmondson

2nd Place Ivan Sorokowsky

3rd Place Presley Desjardins

What a great wrap-up for 2018 !!!! Happy New Year everyone, and all the Best for 2019 !

Dec 1, 2018 Takahashi Ne-Waza Event

The Almonte Judo Club had 13 Junior members compete at Takahashi Dojo in Ottawa, Saturday Dec 1, 2018.

Club members included;

Bodhi Barringer
Paxton Barringer
Tyler Dalton
Connor Edmondson
Ana-Sofia Fitzsimon
Casey Gayton
Tavis Hargreaves
Tait Jaynes
Ben Ladouceur
Erwin Marshall
Pascal Marshall
Charlie Pratt
Ivan Sorokowsky

This was the first ne-waza tournament for Ana-Sofia, Erwin and Pascal. All others had experienced either one or two ne-waza events previous.

Congratulations to all competitors on a fine showing !!

As always, competitors were placed on one of six teams comprised of 10 athletes each. Team success was measured by the number of wins and ties, and team members were awarded individual medals as follows;

Bodhi Barriner Gold Medal

Ben Ladouceur Silver Medal
Tavis Hargreaves Silver Medal
Tyler Dalton Silver Medal

Erwin Marshall Bronze Medal
Pascal Marshall Bronze Medal
Connor Edmondson Bronze Medal
Tait Jaynes Bronze Medal

Another awesome day for athletes, coaches, referees and spectators !!!